The first impression is often the decisive one. This applies as much for people as it does for spaces. Strategic space planning invites you to take a look – and serves to enhance your reputation.

Your foyer needs consistent corporate architecture so that guests and business partners are able to experience the unmistakeable face of your brand as soon as they arrive. It is the architectural union of corporate design and identity – company philosophy in space.

KECK expertly presents an authentic expression of your identity: whether it’s product presentation, media presentation or complete furnishings. Based on your overall brand image, we design impressive interior spaces – with a high recognition value for your visitors.

We have a flair for lighting, material and functionality, both for mobile furnishings and fixed installations. Technical and manual precision are equally important to us. Together, all of these factors create a professional impression on your customers and this is transferred to the company, its skills and its products.

What inspires us? When your reception design impresses not just your customers and business partners, but also gives your employees a sense of well-being and makes them proud of their company. Today, corporate identity and well-being are more important than ever in helping to attract the best talent.