A company’s brand space can be used to achieve many goals: as a brand world with a showroom, training centre with meeting rooms, or a visitor’s centre with exhibition, or as a motivational room for employees.

The strength of the design lies in presenting architecture, brands, message and products authentically and in an unexpected way. This creates unconscious moments of excitement in the visitor and awakens a curiosity that drastically increases experiential value. Customer experience comes primarily from active participation and learning. In an exhibition, this needs to be playful, creating a lasting impact.

That’s why at KECK, the focus is always on people. For us, live communication is storytelling in real time, in real space. We make your visitors into part of the story and help inspire them about your company, products and your message. This way, we are able to create more brand ambassadors for you.

In training centres, functionality and product information are paramount. Curiosity, creativity and the desire to experience something for yourself are a guarantee for successful learning. When it comes to presenting your products, we focus on innovations and venture into unchartered terrain – in an architectural, presentational and communicative manner – but always as partners to your success.

KECK designs your brand space as your brand world and as experience spaces for your visitors. Or, if desired, as a cultural centre through the combination of your brand with design, art and lifestyle. In order that your brand image is improved and that you are always able to stay one step ahead.