You know best and we have plenty of experience in staging and communication brands. From individual product presentation to holistic brand worlds at trade fairs, events or in your company. That’s why consulting with KECK always pursues a common goal. Together, we define your communication and sales goals, analyze your previous concepts and study the behavior and needs of your customers – in every detail.

From these results, our team of experts and lateral thinkers develop a communication concept that fully exploits the potential of your brand and the space you use. With marketing measures that authentically address all of your customers’ senses in real time and create a tailor-made, integrated brand experience.

It is often sensible to start thinking about performance measurement early: which target figures would make the event a success and how can we measure them?

With these key indicators, also known as Key Performance Indicators or KPI, the company’s goals are specifically integrated into the project objectives of marketing and/or sales. Therefore, sights are always set on the factors that affect KPI during conception of the brand world. The individual elements can also be clearly assessed and provide the direction for further optimization in the future. This way, you are always one step ahead.