A strong brand is boundless. It is multi-sensory and unites the heart and mind. Due to its unique character, it is recognisable around the globe. KECK believes in the strength of brands and passionately supports consistent staging – in all markets and across all continents. Spaces, designs and emotions are languages that are understood everywhere.



For a successful brand staging in space, KECK offers the entire process – from goal definition to the creative concept through to perfect realisation of goals and sustained success monitoring.

We value comprehensive consulting, analysis and direct practicability. Together with our network of highly qualified specialists, we are highly motivated, working hand in hand to facilitate high-quality implementation:

The perfect stage for your company – with sights set firmly on future developments.

KECK believes that every task requires – and deserves – its own personal approach. What’s the basis for our great success? Listening carefully in order to truly understand what you think, what you want and what you need. In order to fully understand, we focus on:

  • Research and analysis
  • Experience and expertise
  • Insights into the brand, market and target groups
  • Information about target group-appropriate language

KECK leaves nothing to chance – especially when it comes to conception. We take each step with conviction and only after careful consideration.

A strong B2B brand creates a sense of making the right choice – more than numbers, facts and innovation cycles. Therefore, we develop emotional brand worlds for your target groups, with well-told, interesting stories that touch not only your customers’ minds but their hearts as well.

KECK knows that in a digitalised world there are no limits to brand communication.  The challenge is to carefully plan the most important touchpoints with direct communication and fill them with life. So that you can reach your target group sustainably.

The consequence? KECK has an international network and is active worldwide. With leading specialists in every area – internationally, nationally and regionally.

KECK doesn’t make empty promises. We check the process and the result.

How successful was your event? Despite many fears, performance measurement for brand staging at trade fairs or events is no great expense. Let us determine target impact and identify target figures together. We suggest the measurement method that’s appropriate for you and measure and analyse the results. This is the solid basis for our next steps.