Digitalized Exhibit Management for TRUMPF

Simple usability, reliable ordering processes and constant insight into the processing status - in times of online shopping this sounds like standard. The complete digitalization of the exhibit management of our customer TRUMPF nevertheless proved to be a challenge. Why? The task is much more complex than it sounds at first.

Exhibits, exhibition and demonstration objects of all sizes and technical designs are true globetrotters, often needed within a few days or weeks at various locations around the world for events, trade fairs and training courses. For perfect use, they have to be checked, maintained and partly repaired by the team in the exhibit management in the meantime.

In order to be able to guarantee this challenging logistics planning reliably and cost-effectively at all times, complete information is a decisive factor. That's why important data for each exhibit is stored in our service tool of Digital Solutions "KECKeasy": From article description to format, weight and customs tariff number. With this comprehensive data, KECKeasy is much more than just an ordering platform. For example, the stored dimensions can be viewed before the order is placed for the exact placement in a showroom and can be taken into account in the planning.

Security plays a major role for KECK, not only in terms of planning. Of course, KECKeasy and all exhibit data are stored on German servers and can only be used and viewed by users authenticated by TRUMPF via individual login. Also, we do not only relate reliability to on-time delivery, but with the evaluation of all order data, we enable a reliable evaluation and assessment of the exhibit's use.

The number of TRUMPF users worldwide has grown rapidly since the introduction of KECKeasy at TRUMPF just over a year ago. With well over 1,000 exhibit page views worldwide, this demonstrates the high level of acceptance and usefulness for the company.