Information and experience-oriented themes of ENGEL

ENGEL’s motto, “Experience. Passion. Innovation”, formed the basis of its trade fair design at K 2019 in Düsseldorf. The aim was for visitors to be able to link the brand image to the concepts of openness, customer proximity, and innovative spirit. These concepts represent a company that provides its customers with innovative technologies and a variety of application-based system solutions to deal with today’s challenges. The construction of the stand did not merely set the scene superficially, but instead managed to convey and underline the company's messages.

The entrée to the stand, with its extended information desk, guided visitors directly into the world of digitization. Three large-scale media columns surrounded the “Inject 4.0” Highlight Zone, which then led on to the Experience Zone.

Here, process engineers, production managers, or maintenance managers received job-related assignments focusing on the specific target group in question. Their goal was to complete these tasks in an interactive manner with the aid of digital solutions. In doing so, the visitors were already “working” in a smart factory. This provided a real-world digitization experience – and thanks to the change in perspective, not just from the usual product-centric view.

Experts are, however, also increasingly looking to find out more about the technology behind the applications. Seven informative “Expert Corners” featuring the individual products rounded off the presentation following a hands-on demonstration. Fully automated production cells and injection molding machines, divided into the eight most important key topics, such as Circular Economy, High Performance, or Lightweight Construction, were positioned around the edges of the trade fair stand.

With this well thought out zoning, visitors were given the impression of a networked and modern production world – focusing constantly on the benefits for customers that a smart factory with ENGEL will provide.