Success factors of the first virtual fair of KOCH Pac-Systeme

A possible postponement of interpack 2020 had prompted Jörg Schebetka, Marketing Manager of KOCH Pac-Systeme, to start looking for a digital alternative at an early stage: Among other things, the product launch of a new blister machine for the pharmaceutical sector, the KBS-C, was planned at the leading international trade fair.

Partner for the realisation of a first virtual trade fair was again KECK - the company which has also been responsible for the live presentations of KOCH for years. For the digital experts at KECK there are three decisive factors for a successful online event:

  1. Clarity - focus on the customer journey
    The wishes and needs of the target group form the basis for the overall concept. The target group must receive the desired information quickly and efficiently. This goal determines the sequence, depth and type of communication as well as the design of the virtual space.
  1. Gamification - active experiences of the visitors
    Customer experience is created primarily through active participation and learning. Even in the virtual space, this happens mainly in a playful way and thus has a lasting effect. The behavior can be enhanced with augmented and virtual reality elements - but this is not always necessary.
  1. Authenticity - brand-conform, personal and close
    The impression of the presented exhibits is lastingly strengthened when they are staged in their own brand world. Best of all, these are not only rooms, pictures and graphics, but also people or brand ambassadors. They embody values, performance and service and can convey this - also online - in a particularly personal way.

These success factors were discussed in detail in the consultations, particularly with regard to addressing the target group for KOCHlive, and implemented in the concept: a virtual in-house fair as a user journey. One challenge was to prepare the complex information so that it could be recorded in a clear and intuitive way. Together, we defined the navigation structure that does justice to a good user experience (UX), product weighting and content.

The virtual brand world was created on the basis of 360° photos of the real showroom at the headquarters in Pfalzgrafenweiler. These were edited and enriched with the developed interface design and content.

The significant goal of the event from the very beginning was to bring the personal touch of the company into the virtual showroom. And so, after an uncomplicated registration process, visitors were welcomed personally by Hartmut Diehl, Director Global Sales. Experts introduced themselves and the highlights in expert videos and invited to a personal dialogue. For this purpose, a live video chat consultation was implemented for KOCH for the first time via integration of MS teams.

The customers expressed their satisfaction in the sense of: "There was no way around KOCHlive, high visibility in the run-up to the event, great and clear digital presentation".

But not only externally - the event was also a motivating factor for the employees internally. According to KOCH, in times of crisis and social distancing, new challenges are important to maintain cohesion and team spirit. The employees showed great interest in the development and were enthusiastic about presenting their new products to customers and interested parties in an innovative way.

During the two days the event achieved a high international reach in German and English. More than 600 guests worldwide visited KOCHlive. Immediately after the event the following summary was drawn:

  • Successful virtual presentation of the new packaging machine in live operation
  • High click-through rates of the expert videos thanks to clear presentation
  • Further development of the digital format for further events

The worldwide sales force can currently continue to use this modern format to stay in contact with customers or to communicate new topics: KOCHlive will continue to exist. KOCH and KECK are already working on ideas for a further KOCHlive in the second half of the year. The format will now be further filled with life: supplemented with new highlights and innovations and constantly developed further.

Nevertheless, KOCH is convinced: personal exchange is still important and cannot be completely replaced by digital media. Participation in normal trade fairs will continue. "Ultimately it's the good mixture of the two that makes the difference," says Jörg Schebetka. The experts at KECK agree with this view.