The Electronica trade fair, which takes place every two years in Munich, is the most important trade fair for the French high-tech company Axon‘. The trade fair concept is characterised by a pared down design, effective functionality and concentration on the needs of the trade fair visitors. A combination that is not only successful, but also fits brilliantly with the identity and expertise of the French high-tech company.

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Sandrine Hermant, Marketing Department, Axon‘ Cable
Sandrine Hermant, Marketing Department, Axon‘ Cable
The position of the booth was quite good.
The stand was divided into three areas, which were highly appreciated and understood. They provided a good opportunity to show the diversity of solutions for a common issue.
The communication was very clear to the visitors.
We are very satisfied with the result of the show, as the level of contact was the same as in 2016.
As usual, KECK perfectly met our requirements and we received many compliments from visitors and the staff.

Target-oriented brand staging

The seemingly simple stand architecture represents more than a stage that is crucial for the success of both the product presentation and visitor communication. Based on the company’s expertise in cables, the stylisation of the cables as a design and structural element became the focus of the product staging. The element stretched upward as slim and elegant branches and emulated the pyramid of the brand logo. The pyramid was also transformed into a graphical triangular pattern. All this taken together reflected the brand image and created an initial brand experience.

The structural elements also have their significance in communication with the visitors. They are used as signage for fast thematic orientation: Fast Integration – Severe Environment – One-stop-shop Solutions. The product presentations provide a multi-faceted staging of selected exhibits with media information as well as haptic and visual experiences. Adequate space remains for consultants and engineers so that the detailed questions interested parties have can be fully addressed. Because communication is also a key to the success of Axon’: learning more about individual needs – and the fulfilment of these.