BDO Dr. Daiber

The auditing firm BDO Dr. Daiber GmbH & Co. KG acts as a tax and economic adviser to medium-sized companies. The team thinks regionally, but acts globally. This expertise, integrity and cooperative partnership with clients should be authentically mirrored in their new Stuttgart-based office.

Zitat Bild
Volker Gaßmann, Managing Director of BDO Dr. Daiber GmbH & Co. KG
„KECK met our individual needs and ideas masterfully, implementing them professionally. Our clients and our employees are delighted.”

Brand space – positive first impressions

The reception area received a modern and upmarket design, but not overly extravagant. When clients visit, they should feel the security, quality, warmth and appreciation. KECK added warm materials such as walnut surfaces combined with light beige tones from Corian, as well as leather, to the desired dark grey stone floor and the dark bronze anodised window frames of the new building. A wall of moss completes the natural colour scheme.

As a feature requested by the client, KECK designed walnut wall decorations consisting of joined paragraph signs. The intrinsic design, with almost no gap clearances, perfects the optical impression. The design can be seen through the glass entrance from the outside, and it engenders a warm atmosphere, creating a recognition value and leading the customer to the reception desk.

The reception desk was designed in a light concrete look and is made of Corian, which is durable yet pleasing to the touch. The Corian is combined with a suspended walnut panel and this is accentuated by a bronze-coloured pendant lamp. Behind the desk, the company’s logo is backlit to create a high-quality staging.

Completing this first positive impression is a wall of moss illuminated by an LED sidelight. The wall of moss was created using two different types of ball-shaped moss that were sculpted into a dynamically tapered frame and positioned about a Walter-Knoll leather seating ensemble. This impression is confirmed by the rest of the interior as well as in the meeting rooms.