Brückner Group

The Brückner Group companies that operate in the plastics and packing industry – they are all market and technology leaders in their respective business segments: Brückner Maschinenbau, Brückner Servtec, Kiefel and PackSys Global.

A centre of competence at Chinaplas

The bundled expertise of the Brückner Group was presented in combined fashion at Chinaplas: one of the largest technical trade fairs for plastics and rubber in Asia and one of the world’s most influential exhibitions in the industry.

An attractive, premium space for every corporate brand, an appealing and inviting hospitality area, and a production system measuring over 12-metres in length was the challenge of the conceptual adaptation. The initial trade fair concept presented by KECK for Chinaplas 2018 was newly created. However, since the trade fair is held at alternating locations in Guangzhou and Shanghai, for 2019 there were completely different booth and hall requirements.

Major recognisable elements for the trade fair visitor were the upwards positioned, backlit logos of the lacquered brand wall as well as the distinctive, colour-edged hexagon. With two attractively designed entrances, a constant stream of interested visitors was secured in the form of a “pass-through” stand, which, through the use of “barriers” positioned strategically, invited guests to linger.

KECK ASIA was once again responsible for the high-quality execution. As is generally normal in China due to the brief construction time, the stand assembly was completed in day and night shifts. The collaboration with all groups was underscored by a complete process of embedded professionalism. It is therefore no wonder, that the result of the trade fair was so successful.