c-Com is a recent start-up in the Industry 4.0 growth sector. Its innovative core product is a cloud-based platform, which simplifies collaboration between companies. MAPAL jointly developed it with SAP.

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Andreas Enzenbach, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, MAPAL Dr. Kress KG
Andreas Enzenbach, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, MAPAL Dr. Kress KG
“At MAPAL, we hold the collaborative partnership with KECK in very high regard: the company thinks strategically, conceptualises creatively, and executes quality. You’ll notice this in all of our global trade fair projects.“

Successful launch of c-Com

A lot was accomplished last year before market introduction: MAPAL first presented the beta version of the platform to the public at AMB in 2016. In mid-2017, the start-up c-Com was founded as a part of the globally active MAPAL Group. The already marketable product was subsequently introduced at EMO 2017, the leading trade fair for metal working.

It was an exciting challenge for KECK to create the start-up’s first trade fair appearance next to MAPAL. With its well-known brand appearance, MAPAL stood out in its white, technical and classic look. Conversely, c-Com represented an innovative yet unknown commodity. In addition, it was challenging to stage the company’s difficult to grasp product – the cloud-based platform is digital and complex; a service and product without any haptic properties.

In order to present this innovation and to visualise the differentiation from MAPAL, KECK took a conceptual leap and gave c-Com its black look. The green CI colour made the black background much more prominent, turning it into a real eye-catcher.

The green c-Com cloud was the central element used to draw attention from a distance. The playful and symbolic design reflected the company’s product offering. Close to the visitor flow at the fresh-green styled communication point, the employees explained to the interest visitors everything the product can provide for their companies. The start-up company’s collaboration with large corporations was casually communicated at the bar through the use of hanging boxes.

Ultimately, what is common in the brand staging of both MAPAL and its young start-up c-Com is a clear structure, a qualitatively high standard, and the great feedback received from the visitors at EMO 2017.