Paint Shop 4.0 – digital, smart, efficient: this was the main theme throughout the Eisenmann Technology Days 2017 held in Holzgerlingen (Germany). Around 1,000 international visitors, primarily from the automotive sector, gathered at the systems manufacturer’s Technology Centre over a three-day span to learn about innovative solutions for surface treatments with regard to Industry 4.0.

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Dr. Wolfgang Albeck, Corporate Vice President, Corporate Sales & Marketing, EISENMANN SE
Dr. Wolfgang Albeck, Corporate Vice President, Corporate Sales & Marketing, EISENMANN SE
“The KECK team helped us quite outstandingly in the usual way with implementing our ideas and concepts for the Eisenmann Technology Days 2017“.

Smart Staging of the Eisenmann Technology Days

Together with Eisenmann, KECK’s specialists developed an event concept that did justice to the main theme “Paint Shop 4.0”. For this, suitable communication technology was chosen, which clearly conveyed the information. At the same time, the company staging and the event itself were conceptualised such that the visitors noticed from the start that their partner Eisenmann had already arrived in the digitalised industry.

The invitation to the event gave visitors their initial contact with the Technology Days. Accordingly, the customer journey through the event began with an invitation management system, which was completely and thoroughly digitalised. Registering and accessing information before, during, and after the event was fully completed using a specially created event app.

The event was conceptualised as a guided tour that led the visitors through various themed areas. The visitors could independently register in advance for these bilingual guided tours with headsets with an E-ticket using the app.

In the end, both the Eisenmann team and KECK agreed: digital, smart and efficient are not only the solutions for paint shops of the future, but were also the means for organising and staging the Technology Days 2017.

The impact of the messages reinforced this and, beyond this, also provided clear benefits: an immediate up-to-the-minute overview showing how many registrations had already been made, visitor statistics for both event days and therefore a clear ability to measure no-shows, attendees and last-minute visitors.

Photo: Eisenmann SE