The EKATO GROUP is a world leader in stirring and mixing technology and offers its customers a wide range of engineering services. The company has been working together with KECK on its presentations for trade fairs since 2009.

It also chose KECK for the redesign of the lobby of its headquarters in Schopfheim/Baden-Württemberg in order to maintain consistent staging of its brand.


People can already see from the outside of the headquarters that there is an ultra-modern research and development centre in Schopfheim. Clarity and modernity are defining elements of the corporate architecture, which are also naturally reflected in the building.

The generous impression of space is maintained despite the many demands: a prestigious reception desk, modern product presentations with media columns and a pleasant waiting environment for visitors. Even the numerous mailboxes have been incorporated – invisible to visitors and easily accessible to employees.

The use of high-quality materials and the carefully selected furniture as well as the comprehensive lighting concept were crucial factors in achieving a sense of well-being, taking into account the different requirements and lighting conditions at every point in the room.