The Oskar FRECH Group in Schorndorf near Stuttgart is one of the pioneers of die-casting technology. Through its innovations, FRECH is setting the course for the future.

Trade fair stand of OSKAR FRECH at the EUROGUSS 2018

KECK designs relaunch of FRECH’s trade fair presence

In the development and design of FRECH’s trade fair presence at EUROGUSS 2018 in Nuremberg, the KECK team was in full agreement: this was the opportune moment for a reinterpretation of the corporate design to give the Group a more innovative and modern appearance.

The new design was inspired by the character of the heavy die-castings made of aluminium, zinc and/or magnesium that are produced by FRECH’s machines. The corporate design served as the basis for the striking dark grey colour scheme. This enabled the expressively contoured graphics to stand out even more brilliantly.

In addition, the bionic theme in the motifs was taken up further and given more depth. Through the use of elements such as moss and the blue contoured threads, FRECH was presented as a powerful presence in a unique, subtly futuristic world.

The contrast provided by the green moss surfaces completed the look and created an unforgettable atmosphere that was both cosy and mysterious. This set the scene perfectly for FRECH to display its products and applications.

Even during the planning stages, the FRECH and KECK teams were really enthusiastic about the project. When they got to the stand at the fair, they were totally convinced by the outcome. The new presentation was also positively received by attendees: the result was an unusually large number of quality visitors at the stand.