The Joyson Group is among the 100 largest automotive suppliers in the world. It was therefore important for the Group management that their brands and product world were fittingly represented in their new company offices in Ningbo.

Showroom in Ningbo / 420 m² / Design: KECK and A-form


KECK has been staging brand presentation for Joyson Electronics companies at trade fairs and events globally since 2013. This includes the Preh showroom in its head office in Bad Neustadt - ideal preparation for the new mission at the holding’s headquarters in Ningbo.

In the space of seven months, collaborating with its commercial partner A-form, KECK developed a showroom concept which through communication and design, as well as a targeted use of media, creates an intense brand experience offering consistent information and an emotional appeal.

The contract was awarded at the end of September 2017 with the end of the year as a deadline for the redesign. Four frenetic weeks of general planning for our joint venture, KECK ASIA, followed. This left seven weeks for production and build. KECK ASIA proved its abilities: the project went exactly as planned.

In a successful design, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. The viewer is unaware of the many details involved. For instance, for the construction of the walls, matte lacquered facade panels made of aluminium were used. This not only reflects the innovative technology of the products, but also prevents potential cracks, which can occur in the frequent structural movement of Chinese new builds.

In line with the wishes of the holding, value was placed on using high end materials: the world map made of polished stainless steel is LED backlit and secured to a blue glass panel. Fluorescent acrylic glass was used for the story wall and product communication featuring laser inscription. This breaks up light falling on the surface and directs it to the outer edges so that it is illuminated.

Fundamentally, lighting plays a key role in staging and atmosphere. To create the desired ambience for the situation, the LED spotlights can be remotely dimmed as well as adjusted for light temperature.

The Group’s aesthetically designed products are each presented on suitable pedestals, showcasing the interior trends of a future-focussed industry. By means of sensor controls which react to movement in front of the product, the screens behind automatically play the corresponding product video. Then the monitor returns to playing the complete film, which is running via the 13 screen multimedia banner, re-uniting the individual brands under Joyson Electronics.

As a result of the flawless result, which was exactly as desired, KECK ASIA was named a ‘top supplier’ of the holding.