The KECK presentation at the EuroShop 2017 was based on the Fön Design concept and received the Red Dot award: Communication Design 2017 in the category “Fair Stand”. Now it has also been recognised with the German Brand Award 2018 Special Mention: Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation | Brand Creation – Brand Experience, Fairs & Exhibition.
Another current information - the trade fair presentation was also nominated for the German Design Award 2019.

Trade fair stand of KECK at EuroShop in Düsseldorf


The German Brand Award recognises successful brand management in Germany. Initiated by the German Design Council and the German Brand Institute, it offers a unique communicative forum for demonstrating the success of brand and design expertise to the broader public.

This award honours the commitment to the brand’s competitiveness, which includes not only excellent products, but also a successful brand strategy and brand management.

Internationally, the Red Dot has been established as one of the most sought-after quality seals for good design. In a process spanning several days, 24 experts evaluated over 8,000 communication and creative works provided by agencies, designers and companies representing some 50 participating countries.

The criteria include, for example, design quality and aesthetics. Apart from the project’s individual design, the jury also focusses on clarity and emotion:
Is the message being communicated in a proper and targeted manner? Does the work emotionally and sustainably affect the viewer? And not to be forgotten is the craftsmanship and the haptics of the respective project, depending on the type of work: how is this executed in terms of design and does the selection of material fulfil its intended purpose?

Only projects that convince through their design quality and creative solution receive the Red Dot award. This high demand was fulfilled through the implementation of our new corporate design at EuroShop: we uniquely presented KECK and our range of services to the visitors.

The trade fair architecture – a purist variant of KECK World at the company's headquarters in Weil der Stadt near Stuttgart – conveyed to the trade fair visitors both KECK’s own identity as well as their expertise for high-quality brand staging. The innovative construction of the façade – with various materials and the artful play of colours of the front surfaces with the contrasting shadow lines – demonstrated the planning and technical as well as the handcrafted skill of the KECK team.

Visitors experienced KECK's range of services using a workbench with which media-related and interactive applications were cleverly used. Clever in the way that they were not represented as an end unto itself, rather they always had the goal of providing the best possible information, inspiration and presentation to the target market.

The KECK team has developed a customer journey for the emotional communication that begins with the individual goals of a brand staging and ends with fulfillment.

KECK’s award-winning project is presented in the International Yearbook Communication Design 2017/2018. It will be published on 14 November 2017 and it documents the state of the art in global communication design.