KOCH Pac-Systeme represent individual packaging solutions with the best efficiency and quality. This market leader has been convincing clients nationally and internationally with the quality of their products and services, as well as expertise and the commitment of our employees, for more than four decades.

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Jörg Schebetka, Head of Marketing, KOCH Pac-Systeme
Jörg Schebetka, Head of Marketing, KOCH Pac-Systeme
„The idea for our KOCHWald came about together with a project team. The aim that followed was to simplify communication between employees from different departments and fields of activity, and to remove inhibitions in communication.
The connection between classic break rooms and communication islands was implemented perfectly and employees were happy to accept this.“


KECK expertly presents an authentic expression of a brand identity. What inspires us? When the presentation of the brand impresses not just your customers and business partners, but also gives your employees a sense of well-being and makes them proud of their company.

In terms of Internal Branding, companies are investing in their employees to increase their identification with the brand, to promote market-orientated employee behaviour and to maintain this in a long-lasting way. A brand world in the company which goes much further than Corporate Architecture is an important component of this. KOCH, the specialist for individual packaging systems with its company headquarters in Pfalzgrafenweiler, has also recognised this.

The ideal customer journey of a typical employee, prepared by KECK as sketches, was discussed in a joint workshop with KOCH: How does the hero make his mark in the company? What is his first impression? How can he integrate it? How does he design a creative break? Does he acknowledge the purpose of his activity, and does he appreciate the value of his company so that he goes home in the evening feeling good?

At this point, a mix of break and communication rooms was planned and executed as a first step. This brand room has a specific feel-good factor, which also tells the story of the company in its own way. The “KOCHWald” name resulted from this, which reflects the connection to the black forest. This idea was strengthened by the use of natural materials.

Large graphics along the path also encourage the employees to “tune in” to the KOCHWald. It offers various, self-contained communication levels, presents the shared values, artistically presents the individual product, supports creativity in a playful way, strengthens team spirit - and most importantly - inspires the KOCH workforce.

Photo: KD Busch