The main idea of the trade fair stand was to show OCTANORM’s new brand image to a global audience by positioning the brand as the best and most reliable partner for trade fair construction companies, planners, and contractors. The exhibition stand, designed by the Ippolito Fleitz Group, was part of the new brand campaign, which included a new corporate design a redesigned website, new marketing materials, and the visual appearance of the OCTANORM logo.

Zitat Bild
Thomas Gräter, CEO of OCTANORM
“One of the main goals of our trade fair was to present our brand from an entirely new angle. Customer-oriented, modern and up to date. We achieved this through a new and bold trade fair design, which inspired audiences through its linear architecture and the high-quality material mix. A System construction with an individual look that brings the stand construction system to the foreground. We wanted to create a design in which everything interlocked perfectly. Therefore, it was even nicer that this perfect interlocking was reflected in our collaboration with KECK. From start to finish, we were able to fully trust and rely on our long-term partner, and we are more than happy with the result. Thank you very much!”


It was quite special to work with a company whose core competencies include trade fair stand construction, design and presentation. This knowledge provided OCTANORM with very specific ideas of how something should be implemented. For the most part, the stand construction was based on different system materials produced by OCTANORM. It was only complemented by KECK through the use of some individual special custom-made products and furniture.

Due to the companies’ mutual expertise, the cooperation was immediately successful and on equal terms. It was still very exciting, since KECK had no previous experience using the newly developed system material.

As a long-term OCTANORM customer, the company's expertise in the implementation of entirely different materials, such as the use of fabrics, became apparent. During the implementation, it became evident how well the new requirements for brand staging at trade fairs were fulfilled due to the use of new system materials: exciting, visually impressive possibilities that can be individually and authentically aligned for companies. At the same time, they enable stand construction using lightweight materials that conserve resources and can be assembled more quickly.

Beyond this, the system is not only suitable for temporary constructions but also for permanent buildings. The combination with different materials made it possible to simulate very different ambiences of high-quality shops for the visitors of EuroShop 2017.