More open, more innovative, more communicative and modular. That is the goal of the new TRUMPF stand design. The design was on display for the first time at the EuroBLECH world trade fair. The new design was developed by SCHMIDHUBER. The trade fair stand with a surface area of over 3,000 square metres made a strong impression. However, the new stand concept was not only developed for large trade fair stands. Designed as a modular system, it can also be used for many different sizes of trade fair stands.

Zitat Bild
Trade Fair Team, TRUMPF Group
„Thank you for the excellent teamwork, your tireless effort and design. Working together with the customers and colleagues at TRUMPF, we were able to stage the best EuroBLECH ever..“


For the realisation of this unique world consisting of various product manufacturers, TRUMPF commissioned KECK.  After 25 years of cooperation, the trust in the performance of KECK as well as the precise understanding of the internal TRUMPF process was decisive in the mutual implementation of this project.

The construction team exerted an incredible amount of effort in order to meet the very brief timeframe. With well-founded expertise, the technicians and structural engineers mutually developed the construction plans for the product houses that were 7 metres high and had a roof surface area of up to 150 m2. High-quality cloth prints, which were practically invisibly joined together, served as both a communications medium as well as the perfect framework for the presentation of the machines.

A particular highlight was created by the staging of the new “TruLaser Center” machine: the ceiling was completely covered with a layer of mirrors. This way, both customers and trade fair visitors were given insight into the machine’s inner workings. These were described in detail by a moderator who was positioned on a platform on top of the machine.

The proper lighting combined with the coordinated selection of lighting technology and quality created more than just a pleasant atmosphere and the desired spatial effect. The brand, products and messages were additionally highlighted.

Live Impressions of the EuroBlech 2016

Photo: Carsten Kramer, Studio Kramer visuelle Manufaktur