WITTENSTEIN SE has around 2,800 employees worldwide and is recognised both nationally and internationally for innovation, precision and excellence in the world of mechatronic drive technology.

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Maria Hinrichs, Head of Trade Fairs and Events WITTENSTEIN SE
Maria Hinrichs, Head of Trade Fairs and Events WITTENSTEIN SE
Our exhibition stand concept is now 10 years old. Thanks to the smooth cooperation with our partner KECK, we have continually been able to exhibit as a timeless, modern and innovative corporation at trade shows.

“Smart Gearbox” intelligently launched

The market leader exhibited at the Hannover Messe 2019 under the slogan “Get started: play IIoT smart & simple”. WITTENSTEIN alpha's smart gearboxes were launched  - a gearbox with "cynapse.
It functions using an integrated sensor module, which allows for Industry 4.0-connectivity. In this way, parameters such as temperature, vibration and operating hours can be continuously recorded.

The presentation of this pioneering range of products was the full focus of the trade fair exhibit. The exhibition’s slogan, which radiated at the centre of the trade fair stand, was visible from all four sides. At the front, the slogan was flanked by two branded cubes. Towards the back of the stand, the brand world was separated from the communications zone by a large monitor wall. At the sides, the slogan and the product highlight were additionally projected onto to 4-metre-high wall sections.

The combination of the different elements acted like a magnet, attracting countless numbers of visitors. At the stand, a Care-O-bot® greeted guests – perfect given the theme was Industry 4.0. Interesting to note: thanks to WITTENSTEIN’s intelligent drive system TAS, the mobile robot assistant can travel up to 2.3 metres per second. Finally, the product experience was enhanced. This is especially important for products whose output isn’t immediately obvious.  

The smart gearbox had its own podium with a model of the gearbox and a possible infrastructure design. Additionally, this was enhanced by a transparent OLED monitor on which the actual status of the gearbox was shown.  

Overall the exhibits at the trade fair stand proved that digitalisation has long played a role at WITTENSTEIN and has been translated into marketable applications. The company is transitioning from a drive manufacturer and mechatronics corporation, to the “Leader in Cybertronics” – and was very satisfied with the concept and realisation of its trade fair display.