ZF Group

ZF enables cars to see, think and act. For ZF, the triad “SEE – THINK – ACT” is its guiding principle and simultaneously a unique selling point for its technological innovations. The KECK Group realizes brand stagings of the automotive supplier all over the world.

An exciting 2019 CES

In 2019, the CES in Las Vegas once again presented itself as a global meeting place for exceptional technologies. This means that the trade fair is not a consumer trade fair in the usual sense: here, innovative masterminds from the most diverse branches of industry demonstrate what is already possible today.

Even for the Canadian-based trade fair stand constructor IES (International Exhibition Services), the CES always has extra special meaning. Instead of enjoying a relaxing New Year’s in Vancouver, the teams worked around-the-clock to ensure that their customers were provided with the perfect, high-quality stage to present their innovations at this attention-grabbing trade fair. Among them – the ZF Friedrichshafen AG, one of the world’s largest automotive supplier. IES has been part of the KECK Group since September 2018, which implements ZF brand staging around the globe.

For the CES trade fair, the company was commissioned by ZF with the high-quality and time-consuming implementation of the trade fair staging, the press conference as well as an event. Among the presentations of autonomous driving technologies, there was also a world premiere – the
ZF ProAI RoboThink, currently the most powerful AI-capable supercomputer in the mobility industry.
There was a large contingent of media outlets as well as many interested visitors, which demonstrated the great interest. The commitment of IES was rewarded – and the ZF project managers were very happy with the results.  

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